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To swag or not to swag

Limecello recently did a blog post titled On Author Promo & Swag that I found really interesting. And timely, of course, since I’ve committed to going to RWA Nationals for the first time this year. Considering how much it’s going to cost my family to vacation in NYC, though, I won’t be doing swag. Given a choice between my family having a meal and providing paper bookmarks to promote my digital-only books, I’m going with food.

It’s a really good … Read More »

Blogging via the Droid X


Since I’ve heard a cheeseburger could cost me $20 in NYC this summer, I won’t be paying the hotel exorbitant fees for internet during the RWA National conference, so I’ll be making do with the Droid X. I still want to blog, though, so I’m experimenting with the WordPress app. I tried blogging with photo from the BlackBerry once, but it didn’t resize the pic and that made an insane mess of the blog.

So, for the sake of experimentation, … Read More »

A Woody to remember

Our local Fifties-style diner always has the funniest T-shirts, but this one in particular cracked me up last night. (Pardon the glare and reflection. It was a display behind glass.)

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Plump, not-so-juicy breasts

The crockpot experimentation continues. I made Angie’s upside-down whole chicken recently and it was good, but we only eat the white meat and throwing away that much chicken was sad. We really only eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

After scouring the internet and finding a gazillion recipes with ingredients at least one of the four of us won’t eat, I decided to go basic. It was a success, I guess, though nobody jumped up and down, their tastebuds shouting out … Read More »

One hot mess of a week

It’s 12:45 and I’m just getting around to blogging? It’s been a day. I finally broke down and bought a Keurig earlier this week. What a stupid waste of money that was. Went to Walmart and returned it this morning. When I left the store, the sun reflecting off the snow and ice and windshields blinded me and while I stopped to give my glasses a minute to tint, I squinted, looking for the general shape of my car. Couldn’t … Read More »

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