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An anniversary and a dose of Dayquil

In rummaging through my blog archives looking for something, I realized today is the sixth anniversary of being offered my first publishing contract. I’m now wrapping up my fourteenth title and it still seems unreal at times that I’m lucky enough to have this job. Even on the days it’s hard, it’s still a dream come true.

Speaking of days it’s hard, last night the Short Kid started making noises about being stuffy and feeling warm and in general setting … Read More »

The Harlequin Heartwarming Collection…and kitties

On the Harlequin blog today, Marsha Zinberg announced the Harlequin Heartwarming Collection. I’m intrigued by the word “wholesome” and I love the covers. What I came away with is the impression they’re like inspirationals without the religious faith element, which could totally be my cup of tea. They’re reissues, but I’ll be checking them out once they’re available. How ’bout you?

And speaking of heartwarming, here’s a shot of my kitties snuggling.

Read More »

The question of no brakes

Reading another romance with a suspense subplot in which the villain has cut our intrepid heroine’s brake lines. Driving through a mountainous desert and—oh noes!—she has no brakes. Our rugged hero is in the passenger seat and tells her to gently pull the emergency brake but—oh noes!—it comes off in her hand.

“Downshift!” the rugged hero tells the intrepid heroine, so she starts by dropping it out of overdrive and then shifts it down to low. It doesn’t help and—on … Read More »

My lazy sidekick


I’m not boring. I’m working!… Read More »

Extending battery life at conferences?

When it comes time for RWA Nationals this summer, I don’t see myself coughing up exorbitant internet fees on top of everything else, so I plan to make do with my Droid X. I can tweet pictures and blog and manage my Facebook page and everything else from it. (No, I won’t be activating tethering. It’s only $20 for the month, but it’s capped at 2GB and I don’t know how much that is. Going over can cost so very … Read More »

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