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The currently-reading pile

According to my Goodreads “currently-reading” shelf, I have five books going right now. Ouch. Especially ouch given that I have almost no time to read right now.

What are they?

Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring?, a Harlequin Presents Extra by Mira Lyn Kelly. I actually stopped reading this a while back. I’m not sure why because I was enjoying it. I think something I HAD to read RIGHT THEN released and I just haven’t picked it back up. (Figuratively, of course, since it’s on my Kindle.) It was cute, though, so I’m not DNF-ing it. I just have to go back and finish it.

Kissing Santa Claus, a Christmas anthology from Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis and HelenKay Dimon. It’s also stalled. The story by Donna Kauffman had almost no dialogue by the time I was 12% in and I was starting to play Angry Birds or Collapse instead of reading. It’s not a DNF either, though, because I’m going to read Jill and HelenKay’s stories (where I know I’ll find dialogue goodness), but there’s no way to jump past the first story and I haven’t worked up the energy to sit and hit the page turn button on my Kindle over and over and over and over. I will though…at some point.

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie. I’m listening to the audio version, actually, while cleaning and such and I absolutely adore the narrator. Unlike some books I’ve listened to where I’ve managed to enjoy the story despite the narrator (*cough* In Death series *cough*), the woman reading this book actually makes the story for me. I mentioned on Twitter last night that I’m not sure I’d enjoy Maybe This Time in written format, but I’m enjoying the hell out of the audiobook.

I started Marry Me by Jo Goodman (historical western) because I absolutely loved the first book in the series, Never Love A Lawman.

But when I was only several pages in, Here Comes the Groom was mentioned again on Twitter and I remembered how badly I wanted to read it, so I flipped over right then and started it. (It’s very good so far!)

But I was also playing with the Kindle app on my Droid X and I really enjoyed the first several pages of Marry Me, so now I have that going on my phone and Here Comes the Groom on my Kindle.

And…no time to read.

(It just now occurred to me I might be able to use the Kindle’s search function to get to Jill and HelenKay’s title pages. I’ll have to try that, as soon as I’m done with MM and HCTG.)

6 comments to “The currently-reading pile”

  1. Alison Kent
      · December 29th, 2010 at 4:54 pm · Link

    Is there no TOC on the Brava book?

  2. DW
      · December 29th, 2010 at 4:58 pm · Link

    note on the lack of a contents page on the kindlebook: I usually just search for the title of the story that I wish to read when I feel like skipping to my favorite author’s work :)

  3. Shannon
      · December 29th, 2010 at 5:02 pm · Link

    I hit “go to” and “table of contents” but it’s only Donna’s book by chapter. No way to get to Jill’s or HelenKay’s.

    DW, that’s what I’m going to try doing. I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of it at the time!

  4. Rita
      · December 29th, 2010 at 5:13 pm · Link

    Hi -my name is Rita and I’m an audio book junkie.
    I loved Maybe This Time. Listened to it twice. Audio books sure make housework bearable.

  5. Shannon
      · December 29th, 2010 at 5:28 pm · Link

    I’ve been trying to get more into audiobooks because they really do make the housework more bearable. I’ve even done extra cleaning if I’m at a good part!

    But, not only do you have to worry about whether the book is good (because, wow, are audiobooks not cheap) but the narrator, too. I’ve limited myself to auto-buy authors to mitigate the risk, but I need to start making a list of the narrators I like (and the ones I don’t.)

    I love the narrator for Maybe This Time. I might try a new author if she’s doing the narrating. Bonus!

  6. Shannon
      · December 29th, 2010 at 5:31 pm · Link

    Oh, I just looked and Angela Dawe, who narrated Maybe This Time, also did Nora’s 4th Bride Quartet book, which I listened to and loved. She’s very good!

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