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Undeniably Yours is a Fresh Pick!

I’m a little behind (only two days until Christmas!), but Fresh Fiction chose Undeniably Yours as a Fresh Pick yesterday, and called it “sexy, sassy and immensely satisfying”!

December 22, 2010

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Feline peace and quiet…for a while

Gizmo (right) and Jinx (left) spent a quiet hour or so in the chair that’s not SK’s last night, holding hands.

Their peace and quiet made me want to curl up with them and rest for a while. Fortunately I didn’t, because shortly after the picture was taken, Gizmo tried to whisper something in Jinx’s ear and Jinx wanted none of it. Hissing, clawing and two ornaments off the tree ensued.… Read More »

Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man

For some reason possibly including alcohol, the school decided to have Spirit Week in the four days leading up to Christmas break. Today’s theme? Dress Like Your Teacher Day.

My family being the crazy way we are, pointed out to the Short Kid that it doesn’t say dress like “a” teacher, it says dress like “your” teacher. SK’s teacher is a Missus, which led the Tall Kid to embark upon a diabolical campaign to convince his younger brother he’d … Read More »

A holiday horror

Really, is there anything more frightening than this?

I suppose tomorrow’s will be scarier, but maybe I’ll accidentally drop a dishtowel over him or something. Right now his little coal eyeballs are following me around the room while his Vincent Price meets Frosty voice (or so I imagine it) screams in my head, ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS, YOU STRESSED-OUT, PROCRASTINATING FOOL! MUAH-HA-HA-HA…Read More »

Sneak attacks camera style

I’ve been playing with the camera on the Droid X a little. Okay, a lot. One thing I hated right off the bat was the very loud tone it sounded when you focused and then the also very loud shutter sound.

So off I went to the Android communities to search for a way to disable those sounds. What did I learn during my reading of old postings?

Don’t ever go to an online community and ask for help in … Read More »

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