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The 2010 Reading Recap & Favorite Book of the Year

At the beginning of January, I started tracking the books I read at Goodreads. Curiosity, mostly, and maybe to cut down on buying duplicates. Also because everybody else was. (Yes, if I wasn’t afraid of heights and water, I’d probably jump off a bridge if all my friends did.)

So according to this non-scientific, probably not exactly accurate tally, I read 62 books in 2010. (We’re not going to discuss how many I bought. I actually stopped keeping … Read More »

Surviving Christmas break

Barely. Barely surviving Christmas break. But the Short Kid’s love affair with my iPad is helping. When he’s muttering “stupid pigs”, at least he’s not talking to me.

So…anybody get anything fun for Christmas? Or do something fun?… Read More »

The currently-reading pile

According to my Goodreads “currently-reading” shelf, I have five books going right now. Ouch. Especially ouch given that I have almost no time to read right now.

What are they?

Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring?, a Harlequin Presents Extra by Mira Lyn Kelly. I actually stopped reading this a while back. I’m not sure why because I was enjoying it. I think something I HAD to read RIGHT THEN released and I just haven’t picked it back … Read More »

Mystery of the blizzard pool

I’m a little baffled this morning. Because my teenage son has yet to shovel the “kitchen yard” off the back door (and my husband made it known in no uncertain terms mom was not to do it), I had to take Mini out into the driveway to do her morning business.

Now, besides my car and my husband’s pick-up, the driveway is occupied—or should I say dominated—by the snowmobile trailer. It’s not huge, being only about twelve feet long and … Read More »

Snow, toys and an intoxicated kitty

So they’re calling it the Blizzard of 2010. While I’m sure that’s true for the places that don’t have fleets of DOT trucks just waiting for the first snowflake to fall, here in central NH we’ve only got 7-8 inches, which is a fairly decent amount and would have merited a snow day were we not on vacation, but nothing to make a news graphic for. It’s still falling, though, which makes the snowmobiler in the house a very … Read More »

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