Shannon Stacey

In a post-festivities stupor

Whew. Between the Short Kid’s birthday and Thanksgiving, I’ve lost almost an entire week and CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! Excuse my panicked outside-voice, but…CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! It’s like a holiday-obsessed Paul Revere is swinging a Christmas bell and shouting in my head.

I should be working right now. Instead I’m sitting here, doing nothing, and realizing this may be the only sane weekend left this year. Birthdays and Thanksgiving are behind me. I’ll probably put the tree up next week and start stressing over shopping and lists.

But right now, I’m in between and I’m going to savor it. Maybe catch up on some word count. Do a little reading (I’m reading a sneak peek of Maya Banks’ 3rd KGI book, Hidden Away and it’s so good!). We’re going to try to go see Harry Potter 7-1 on Sunday.

If only I could do it all in my jammies!

2 comments to “In a post-festivities stupor”

  1. Annmarie
      · November 27th, 2010 at 4:40 am · Link

    I really love Maya’s writing. I really love Maya too.

    I have lots of work stuff due Monday. Saturday is Christmas parade. DH and I are in it. Haven’t bought the 1st piece of candy. DH is pressuring me to get house decorated before Monday. I have 2 job offers to think about. Neither pay much and both are part time weird gigs. The next Saturday is a baby shower I’m hosting. Haven’t sent out the invitations yet. Haven’t arranged for the cake yet. Only 2 things I’m supposed to do and haven’t done either.

    I have more.

    Feel better?

  2. Shannon
      · November 27th, 2010 at 12:59 pm · Link

    Gah! You should have a glass of wine…or six.

    And if DH wants the house decorated before Monday that badly, chuck the boxes at his head and tell him to have fun.

    You can do it. Chocolate, wine, and lists! *muah*

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