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Whaddya mean it’s October

Hey, 2010, you think you could slow down a little? I’m still trying to catch up…from June. Or May.

October means trying to remember two of my sisters have birthdays this week. One turns fifteen tomorrow and the other turns (*cough*starts with a 3*cough*) on…Tuesday? (I know the date, just not the day and it’s too early for math. Yes, it’s 9:40 already, but it’s always too early for math.)

October also means only two more months until I can upgrade my phone. While the BlackBerry Curve and I seem to have ceased hostilities, I don’t think we’re soul mates. The Samsung Fascinate is intriguing. My cousin just got one so I’ll see how that goes, but there’s a good possibility Santa might bring me a Droid X for Christmas. There’s just as good a possibility Santa will be so tired of my ring-around-the-gadgets he whacks me upside the head with a chunk of coal, but we’ll see.

Took a late shower & went to bed with wet hair last night. Today I look like somebody scared the crap out of me while I was sticking a fork in the toaster while messed up on crack. No wonder people kept yielding their right of way to me this morning.

So me and my scary self are off to work. I have no doubt I’ll get so caught up trying to wrestle this proposal into submission I will forget I have two sisters with birthdays this week. But they’re used to that. Trust me.

One comment to “Whaddya mean it’s October”

  1. Vi
      · October 2nd, 2010 at 1:04 am · Link

    Me too! I normally love fall but this summer flew by much too quickly. I still think it should be June. The good news about October, it’s a step closer to your new book :)

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