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When I’m in the picture file on my BlackBerry, it gives me the option to “share to WordPress”. I’m not sure what that means, so…okay. Let’s try it.

EDITED TO ADD: Well, that was an epic fail. It’s useless if it doesn’t resize the picture so it doesn’t EAT THE ENTIRE WEBSITE. But, so you didn’t come here for nothing, I made the picture a normal size.… Read More »

A bug

Okay, so a flaw in the site—there’s only one page of anything. Scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage doesn’t reveal a “previous entries” link. Pulling up a category only yields one page of results, with no link to further entries. The search is the same way.

I’m going to try to figure out why, but it’ll have to wait until later tonight.

*Edited to Add: It was the “Adhesive” plug-in that caused my “older entries” link to disappear … Read More »

Extreme Makeover: Website Edition

A shiny new look! If you read this via RSS feed, you haven’t seen it, but a new design went up yesterday here at Casa Stacey.

Besides the fact that, after five years, it was time for a refresh, my primary focus was navigation. I think I’ve got that covered, though I despise drop-down menus. Maybe at some point I’ll take a look at that, but that requires doctoring the CSS stylesheet and I don’t have the brain-cellular fortitude for … Read More »

Excerpt for Undeniably Yours is up!

I can’t believe there’s just shy of a month left until Undeniably Yours releases! That must mean it’s about time for an excerpt, right?

I agree, so chapter one is now up! It would have been up earlier this morning, but SK’s watching The Wizards of Waverly Place and, no matter how hard I try, I can’t…look…away…

You can find chapter one HERE!… Read More »

TV rant

So Lone Star got the axe after two episodes. And now My Generation is cancelled after two episodes.

I didn’t watch either of those shows, though we did record the first episode of Lone Star on the DVR. By the time the second episode rolled around, the rumors of impending cancellation were so hot and heavy we didn’t bother recording it and deleted the first. And My Generation we didn’t have a lot of interest in.

It still makes me … Read More »

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