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Not the most exciting blog post ever

There’s not a lot going on right now. Well, that’s not really true. There’s just not a lot going on that’s blogworthy.

I’m still working on my proposal. Ruthlessly gutted the first two chapters yesterday and now I have to put them back together. Why did I gut them? A while back my editor asked me “Would this pass the Kindle sample test?” and this opening didn’t. (If you follow Angela James on Twitter, you might have seen her tweet … Read More »

My poor DVR

We’ve only had two nights of “premiere week” and my DVR already hates me. If I turn on the TV & DVR to get an accurate list of what’s going on, I’ll end up watching TV instead of working, so off the top of my head…

House — Two words: Moonlighting Syndrome. And an additional six words: Please, Thirteen, stay gone this time.

Outlaw — Not impressed. I don’t think we’ll be watching it again.

The Event — While it … Read More »

A headache, times three

I’m trying to carve out a proposal over here, which isn’t really a new process for me. What is new, however, is the fact it’s for a trilogy. (I won’t say much about it because I really don’t at this stage, but they’re straight-up contemporary romances. No dead bodies.)

And, wow, this is hard.

Instead of one title, I need three. And they need to complement each other, of course, which makes it all the harder.

Six character names. … Read More »

A rocky Sunday

Yesterday, the husband and I (without kids…w00t!) joined one of the ATV clubs we belong to for a charity ride—collecting cans of food and raising money for local food pantries. Because my Rincon lives at camp until we close it up next month, we had to ride double on his King Quad. That totally sucks. But, not only was it a good cause, but they’re great people and we don’t get to see them often enough (because three of our … Read More »

Generational Mario

I’m sitting in the car while my guys are in the hobby shop buying some model railroading stuff and I’m bored so let me tell you a story.

To get here, we had to spend 30 minutes on the highway (interstate/thru-way/whatever you call your 70 mph road) and there came a situation that caused me to say to my husband: “You do know the brakes work, right Mario?”

That was followed by SK: “Totally Mario. Are you looking for a … Read More »

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