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Asphyxiation by academics and yogurt

Had a little scare yesterday. In trying to decide whether or not to attend the open house at the Tall Kid’s high school yesterday, I pulled up his online gradebook…and choked on my yogurt. It wasn’t even a spoonful with fruit chunks in it, so you know it wasn’t easy to choke on that.

TK had a 58% in Honors Algebra II.

If you’ve been here any amount of time, you can see why my yogurt almost killed me, along … Read More »

Today, I’m at…

Access Romance, talking about connected books. Stop by and visit!… Read More »

Possible website implosion imminent

I’ve mentioned several times I need to revamp my website and I’m going to start the process by upgrading to the most current WordPress installation. Then a new theme. A pretty new header (if I find somebody to make me one) and, at long last, a “coming soon” button.

So please be aware that at any moment this could blow up in my face and the site could disappear. If that should happen, please know that I am wailing and … Read More »

A conversation with the Tall Kid

Last night, while watching House, I got a little sniffly watching two parents being essentially forced to choose between their children.

TK: What’s the matter?

Me: Hello. It’s sad!

TK: You realize it’s just a TV show, right? In real life, they’re fine. I promise.

Me: What’s the point of experiencing any medium if you’re not going to let it engage you emotionally?

TK: Time expenditure.

Have I mentioned how much I hate watching television with the Tall … Read More »

What I’m reading & why your publisher’s formatting matters

This past weekend at camp was the first in I don’t know how long that I didn’t bring work with me. My plan was simple—ride my ATV and read. Happily, I did both.

First, I finished Surrender to an Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham. I’d devoured this entire miniseries in order, but halfway through this one I got buried by work and had to let it sit for at least three weeks. It was a little darker than the rest … Read More »

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