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Vacation days

My husband’s decided to stretch the weekend from Thursday afternoon to Monday night, so I’ll be taking a few vacation days. The summer’s almost over and school’s breathing down our necks, so it’s time to take some family time and do…family-type stuff.

Have a good weekend!… Read More »

Blog post…of doom

This morning, while looking something up for DG4, I was rereading a section of No Surrender and came across this sentence, which made me laugh:

She obeyed without hesitation while he used the Flash Drive of Doom, as Charlotte called it, to fry each of the computers.

Why did I laugh? Well, if you’ve read Exclusively Yours, you know the heroine had to suffer through tandem cannonballs of doom as well as the Annual Kowalski Volleyball Death Match Tournament … Read More »

Hooky fail

After working all weekend, I had declared I was taking the day off yesterday. Not only was my brain fried, but my house was trashed and I needed to devote some time to slaying dustbunnies.

It started out well enough. I scrubbed and dusted and swept and shopped. I made the mistake, however, of doing it all with my earbuds in, channeling my Devlin Group playlist straight into my brain.

Snippets of scenes churned in my head.

The twitching began.… Read More »


Over there, at the top of the sidebar, you might have noticed a link to my community blog. Feel free to wander over and say hi!

And I know my website here’s a mess and the sidebar’s beyond cluttered. As soon as I finish up a couple of things, a redesign is next on my list!… Read More »

Friday miscellaneous

Most of my life now is devoted to resisting the urge to reserve a black Kindle 3. I don’t need one and yet… Not a day goes by my cursor doesn’t hover over that diabolical preorder button for at least a few seconds.

We finally joined the rest of the world and signed up for Netflix. We’d been using Gamefly for video games since I got tired of being screwed by our brick & mortar video store (which … Read More »

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