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The boy and his cat

This past weekend, with the new Blackberry coming, I realized I had over 200 pictures on my Motorola dumbphone I needed to move before I killed it. Many of them I’d emailed to myself or posted to twitpic over the last couple of years, so I went through those and deleted any pic on my phone I found there. (Still ended up with a hell of a lot of pictures to email myself.)

It was like a little stroll through … Read More »

First day of school

The boys have been delivered—TK to his sophomore year (GAH! 10th grade? I can’t be that old!) and SK to the fourth grade.

While it would seem I’d be able to get some work done today, it’s now 10:15 and I haven’t started my work day yet. Instead, I’ve been sitting here, with my husband reading over my shoulder, searching for countertop refrigerated display cases with pass-thru doors and walk-in coolers. How a man can own a business in … Read More »

Procrastination woes

It’s now 2:20 on Friday afternoon. My boys start school on Monday.

We’ve got nothing. No backpacks. No lunchbox for the Short One. No clothes. No shoes. No paper. No…nothing.

Crap. I guess you know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

High school’s particularly annoying because each of the Tall Kid’s teachers will send home a separate supply list along with class syllabus. That means we can’t buy his school supplies until after the first day of school and neither … Read More »

What we’re reading

I’m wicked slammed today, so it’s a quick one. What we’re reading here at Casa Stacey:

Me: Taming Her Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham. I’ve been devouring her MacEgan Brothers from Harlequin Historical (and Harlequin Historical Undone) and I’m devastated there’s only one more book after this. Some hot, bad-ass, 12th century Irish warriors here, folks.

Mr S: Watch Them Die by Kevin O’Brien. Since taking custody of the Nook, he’s been plowing through books. I think he’s read more … Read More »

Child-free heroines

Yesterday, on Smart Bitches, Sarah posted GS vs STA: Heroines who don’t want kids, seeking recommendations for child-free romances.

I like little ones in my romances. Secret babies or not-so-secret babies are a win, maybe because I think really good dads are pretty damn hot. Example? Karen Templeton’s Guys and Daughters miniseries from Silhouette Special Edition.

But, both as a reader and an author, I do like a kid-free zone sometimes, like the awesome contemporary romances of Julie JamesRead More »

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