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Convo with the Short Kid

Between the fashion sense and the attitude, there’s no doubt this child is mine.

Me: You’re wearing a Patriots jersey, bright grass-green shorts and orange flip-flops? Really?

SK: Yup.

Me: You know those don’t match, right?

SK: If you don’t like it, don’t look at me.

Okay, then.… Read More »

The sky last night

From my cellphone, with no alterations or enhancements except cropping parking lot crap off the bottom.

Cool, huh? When we walked out of the restaurant, the world was very yellow, which definitely got our attention.… Read More »

Passive-aggressive suicide by escalator

So Big Brother started last night, which inevitably brings up the subject of reality shows. Our favorite, hands down, is The Amazing Race and my husband often expresses a desire to run the Race.

I usually snort. Whatever, dude.

First, I don’t run. Ever. Jogging around the Wii resort island looking for Super Mario statues kicks my ass. Running across India when it’s 105 degrees, looking for a little yellow flag? Yeah, not so much.

Plus, we don’t travel well … Read More »

Is it winter yet?

Not a big fan of summer in general and heat waves in particular. Gizmo isn’t, either. As you can see, she was prepared to rip my face off should I attempt to move her out from under the ceiling fan in order to make the bed.

Because our house is not only older than dirt, but was originally a carriage barn, the horror show construction allowed us to install central air conditioning downstairs, but not upstairs. When it’s 74 downstairs … Read More »

Today’s the Sizzling Summer Book Club chat!

At 12 noon EDT today, Smart Bitch Sarah’s Sizzling Summer Book Club will be chatting about Exclusively Yours! And I’ll be joining in at 1pm! A rare opportunity to see the elusive Shan in the chatroom wild.

You can join in the fun here at noon!… Read More »

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