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Another hot, lazy weekend

Still a little on the warm side up there in No Air Conditioning Land, but we had a nice weekend of camping, nevertheless.

This summer, the owner of the campground is hiding things around the (100+ mile) trail system and we have to find them. We get a picture of the surrounding scenery and a more close-up shot of where the can’s hidden. That’s it. The Short Kid, upon receiving his photo clues, immediately went into full obsession mode. Mini … Read More »

Win some Devlin Group!

Access Romance is giving away a copy of Adrenaline today! That’s the first two Devlin Group stories (72 Hours and On the Edge) together in one print anthology.

And if you already have a copy of Adrenaline, don’t you want a new copy with the sexy updated cover?

Click HERE to enter!… Read More »

My guy’s hooked on the nook

I’ve finally turned my husband into a digital reader. If you know my husband, you’d know this is a feat worthy of a ceremony with a shiny gold medal and the national anthem playing in the background. Or, at the very least, a cookie.

My husband is a little technology-challenged. He has master electrical, universal HVAC and gasfitter licenses, so he’s no dummy, but email? Forget it. To put it into perspective, there has been a Windows PC in our … Read More »

Literary Meme

This came from Charlene Teglia’s blog. You should do it, too, even though I won’t tag anybody.

1) What author do you own the most books by? Karen Templeton

2) What book do you own the most copies of? Probably Under the Dome by Stephen King because I have the hardcover, plus I have a Kindle copy and a whatever’s on the nook copy. I have more pairs (the paperback’s boxed away somewhere, so I bought a digital copy) … Read More »

George Steinbrenner passes away

I had a blog post rattling around in my head this morning while I cleaned the kitchen and, when I was done, I opened the Macbook to type it out, only to be waylaid by the news George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, has passed away.

As a lifelong resident of Red Sox Nation, one of my core values is a deep and abiding hatred of the Yankees but, as a baseball fan, there’s no denying … Read More »

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