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eReader blitz in the wild

Yesterday was a hot and sticky day, so we decided a road trip in the air-conditioned car to air-conditioned stores was in order. We started at Borders. Not only were there signs and posters everywhere pushing the new Borders eBookstore, but there was a Kobo eReader display, with a couple of employees showing it off—one of whom was pleasant and knowledgeable, the other of whom was a slug. Unfortunately, while I chatted with the pleasant one for a few … Read More »

A cover, an audiobook and a birthday

So much to talk about! My mom came over from Maine yesterday for a nice visit. We spent most of it working on genealogy and we finally found the relatives who made the trip from France to Quebec, so she was pretty excited about that. Ireland’s a bitch, though. Both her maternal line and my husband’s paternal line dead-end at Ireland.

Exclusively Yours is now available as an audiobook through! If you’re an audiobook fan, you can find it … Read More »

New recipe success!

I tried a new recipe last night. We’re an outrageously finicky bunch and we all dislike different things, so the number of meals all four of us will eat can be counted on one hand. This has inevitably led to our family eating the same few meals every single week.

I’ve tried in the past to introduce new meals and they’ve been unqualified failures. To put it in perspective—Tuesday night, when I warned the family Wednesday and Thursday nights would … Read More »

Field trip!

I’m over at Access Romance today, talking about library management and giving away a book! Come join in the conversation!… Read More »

Spot the typo

Yesterday, the boys and I hit the highway to visit Best Buy. It’s about twenty minutes away, which is a good thing. Since the nearest Apple store is an hour away, the siren call of the iPad is muted by distance.

We were after a few things, none of which were an iPad (although we did stop and play with them, as well as drooling on the 27″ iMac because…how could we not?) The boys grabbed Lego: Harry Potter for … Read More »

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