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A fashion fossil in nylons?

It’s no secret I don’t get out much. Well, unless you count Walmart, the grocery store and the occasional mandatory school function.

I guess I should say I don’t dress up much. Really, the only time you’ll see me going for any look other than extreme casual is if somebody gets married or dies. But the possibility of my going to RWA Nationals in NYC next summer is teetering precariously on the brink of probability and one of the things … Read More »

Trying to be good

I’m trying to focus on work, but I’m reading ALL I EVER WANTED by Kristan Higgins and it’s deliciously good! I keep telling myself two more minutes…just one more page…two more minutes… What are you reading?… Read More »

A boy with no place to land

The poor Short Kid is, by nature of trickle-down family dynamics, low man on the seating chart.

Dad has “Dad’s chair”. Mom has the left end of the couch (the end closest to the electrical outlets, naturally) and, when he blesses us with his presence, TK sprawls across the right end of the couch. While that leaves a cushion in the middle of the couch, there’s quite often a dog there, plus that kind of proximity isn’t good for either … Read More »


As I mentioned, last Thursday, TK wished me a Happy Pi Approximation Day. Something to do with the fraction 22/7 being an approximation of Pi, which is…something mathematically-inclined people seem to find exciting. Last Thursday was, by the US way of abbreviating dates, 7/22, which I gather is close enough.

There was some bemoaning the fact he missed being a Pi Approximation baby by one day, to the point I actually felt a little guilty. I tried. We checked … Read More »

A makeover sale! has a new look! And to celebrate it, they’re having an awesome sale!

July 26- Aug 2 ONLY: Makeover Sale - save 25%

Click on the graphic to check it out!

Tomorrow, I’ll be snapping up All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins and probably a bunch more because I have no impulse control when it comes to Harlequin books.

If you need some ideas, here are just a few of my recent buys:

Sin’s Pride – A Spice Brief by Mandy Roth
The Bikini Car Wash – Pamela … Read More »

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