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Field trip!

I’m at Access Romance today, talking about (assigned) summer reading. (Find out what TK and SK were assigned!) Stop by and join in the conversation. … Read More »

Crash, bang…she’s okay!

Cute, isn’t she? And tiny. Tiny enough to be stepped on, if not for the fact her human will flail and hop around like a Cirque du Soleil act gone horribly, horribly wrong to avoid crushing her.

Okay, so SK’s a kinda-short 9.5 year old. My husband’s truck has a switch so you can turn off the passenger-side airbag. My car does not. Today was SK’s last day of school and he got out at 12:45. Because I had to … Read More »

Win a copy of Exclusively Yours!

Access Romance is giving away a copy of Exclusively Yours today! Check it out here.

(Note: After 4pm CDT, their server—and my site—might be in and out as the server farm replaces equipment, so go now!)… Read More »

SK’s got a new toy

On Saturday we took the big leap (okay, mediumish leap) and bought SK a new ATV. His had been giving us mechanical issues (including sporadic and frequent loss of brakes) for a while and when we head out to do 30-40 miles in the woods, we want to know we won’t be leaving the little one for dead. (Just kidding. We always tow him out.)

He’d been riding a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 90. Here’s what it looked like new:

And … Read More »

Hobbling off for the weekend

Due to my crappy computer ergonomics this week, I’ve managed to cripple my shoulders and neck muscles to the point I can barely drive because I can’t turn my head. Let’s just say my left-side blind spot now extends pretty much to the front fender.

Time for a break!

We’re also buying SK a new four-wheeler this weekend, so we’ll be taking him for a ride. Okay, maybe not we. I’ll have to see how it goes. With the … Read More »

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