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I’m totally drawing a blank today, so here’s a little snippet from my current (totally rough, unedited) manuscript, Undeniably Yours. Kevin’s gone for a long weekend of snowmobiling with his brothers (Mike & Joe), his brother-in-law (Evan) and his dad (Leo). They’ve stopped on the side of the trail for short break.

* * *

Mike slapped him on the shoulder. “You leave your balls in your other jeans or what? We go any slower and we’ll have to draw straws to see which one of us gets roasted and eaten first because we sure as hell won’t ever make it back to town in time for supper.”

“And what happens to Beth and my kid if I wrap myself around a tree?” He tossed his helmet onto his seat. Watched it bounce off. “I shouldn’t have left her alone.”

“Alone? She’ll be lucky if she’s had a moment’s peace.”

“I don’t have a will. I should have done that before I left.” When his brother laughed at him, Kevin resisted the urge to punch him in the mouth. “Yeah, wanting to make sure my kid’s taken care of if I die’s all kinds of funny.”

“Who’s dying?” Pop joined in the conversation.

Joe was right on his heels. “Me, if we don’t pick up the pace a little.”

“Kev’s afraid he’s going to hit a tree,” Mike said, “and we’ll abandon Beth and the baby and leave them to fend for themselves in squalor on the streets.”

“That’s not what I said.”

“Hit a tree?” Joe snorted. “You may as well, ‘cause at the rate you’re going, the kid’s going to be in middle school before we get back anyway.”

“Screw you. I’m not going that slow. And you—” He pointed at Mike. “You’ve got four kids at home. You shouldn’t be tearing up the trails, either.”

“Unlike you, I guess, I try to have fun. Don’t make me beat that old dead could get hit by a bus horse.”

“Lot better chance of hitting a tree than getting hit by a bus,” he muttered. “Gonna go take a leak.”

Maybe it was easier for Mike, he fumed while watering a nearby tree. If something happened to Mike, Lisa would be smothered by all the support she’d get from the family. Beth had nobody. Without Kevin, she’d be alone.

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