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Carina Press titles available for Kindle preorder

Yay! Carina Press titles (including Exclusively Yours which is on page 2) are now available for preorder at Amazon for Kindles. (Or Kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac, the Kindle app or Kindle for whatever they’ve got now.) They don’t have covers or blurbs yet, but they’re there.

And now I’m going offline to spend the long holiday weekend with my family. See you on Monday!… Read More »

Wordless Wednesday

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Reviews and a short note

First up, a couple of very exciting reviews to share!

Lori, from I Just Finished Reading… read Exclusively Yours and it seems she enjoyed it! You should go read the whole review, but here’s a highlight:

This is a strong, family-oriented book, full of laughter, heartbreak, fun, romance, and love. As much as I adore Shannon Stacey’s Devlin Group (and when do we get Jack’s book, hmmmm?), I think her true strength lies in contemporaries, and revealing people that a

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Could self-publishing digitally backfire?

So there’s a revolution afoot, with J.A. Konrath seemingly appointed the Robin Hood of the publishing world. Screw the publishers and self-publish via Kindle! Make six figures!

I’m happy for him. Really. My husband and I both read the Jack Daniels series and in my living room there are ten print books on the shelf—eight written by me, one signed Nora Roberts and my signed copy of Afraid by Jack Kilborn (Konrath). I’m a fan.

Here’s the thing, though—the drum … Read More »

A snippet

I’m totally drawing a blank today, so here’s a little snippet from my current (totally rough, unedited) manuscript, Undeniably Yours. Kevin’s gone for a long weekend of snowmobiling with his brothers (Mike & Joe), his brother-in-law (Evan) and his dad (Leo). They’ve stopped on the side of the trail for short break.

* * *

Mike slapped him on the shoulder. “You leave your balls in your other jeans or what? We go any slower and we’ll have to … Read More »

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