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An epic lack of gardening skills

So Sarah started talking gardening on Whipped Out and then Jaci joined in. Now they’re doing a Garden-Off, which you can read about here if you want to join in.

I will not be joining in. Why? Here’s my poor, neglected garden, still buried under the rotting crap I didn’t clean up before the snow fell.

I hate gardening, which is probably an extension of the fact I hate being outside. I know many people find weeding and tinkering in … Read More »

When SK finds the Harry Potter glasses

His older brother wore them years and years ago with his Harry Potter costume and won a prize for looking most like the real deal.

SK…not so much.

And with that, I’m off to prepare for tomorrow’s tax appointment. I’ll keep coming back here to let the picture cheer me up periodically throughout the day.… Read More »

Misadventures in cooking

What happens when I decide to try a new recipe? Chaos. No doubt this is a common occurrence when somebody who can’t cook decides to try a new recipe but why does it always have to happen to me? Or maybe it’s the fact I want to try two new recipes in the same week.

The first recipe requires a teaspoon of fresh chopped parsley. After wandering endlessly around the produce department, an employee took pity on me and asked … Read More »

April, I reject you

It can’t be April already. Not only April, but the fifth! How does this happen?

We started the month with record-breaking high temps for the beginning of April. We had the first family cookout of the year Saturday–16 adults and 17 kids–and I think it hit eighty. Came close on Easter Sunday, which is just bizarre.

Speaking of Easter Sunday, some of you might recall the Short Kid’s Child of the Corn routine. He did it again yesterday morning. … Read More »

My latest time suck

Let me show you it…

It kills me. And I share the electrical ones with my husband, so it kills him, too. It’s part of the I Can Has Cheezburger family, so it’s on the awesome (since the new update) ICHC app.

Pundit Kitchen is still my favorite member of the ICHC family, though.

I spend WAY too much time with the ICHC app!… Read More »

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