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April, I reject you

It can’t be April already. Not only April, but the fifth! How does this happen?

We started the month with record-breaking high temps for the beginning of April. We had the first family cookout of the year Saturday–16 adults and 17 kids–and I think it hit eighty. Came close on Easter Sunday, which is just bizarre.

Speaking of Easter Sunday, some of you might recall the Short Kid’s Child of the Corn routine. He did it again yesterday morning. Knowing he wasn’t allowed to wake us up until eight, he played quietly in his room until his clock said 8:00, then he crept into our room. Sadly, our clock only said 7:56, so he waited.



As usual, the creepy stalker vibe woke me up and there he was–the child of the corn.

So we started Easter morning at 7:58. I’d been up late Saturday night, making up scavenger hunt clues, because heaven forbid I not leave things until the last possible second.

The first clue TK had to solve:

Once it was first, but now it’s number four.
To find what you seek, give the shelves a tour.

By the end of the ordeal, my brain was so wiped, one of SK’s clues was:

Might be an egg in the room where you poop.
Maybe you should go in there and snoop!

Yeah, yeah. I know. Mom of the Year!

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One comment to “April, I reject you”

  1. Annmarie
      · April 6th, 2010 at 3:05 am · Link

    It was 90 here today. Ninety. WTH?

    My husband gave me 2 Lindt kissing bunnies and ate them both within 4 hours.

    Yeah. Happy Easter.

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