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Wordless Wednesday: Through the bridge

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One day later…or was it yesterday?

Here’s a lesson I recently learned. Never say Screw the timeline. I’m just going to write and figure it out after…

Therein lies madness. For you. For your editor. Especially if the book takes place over a short period of time. And in the book I’m working on now, though it has a much longer timeline, it’s just as important because there’s a pregnancy involved. I’d like to avoid my editor saying, “You know, dumbass, she’s pregnant for thirteen months … Read More »

Reading Under Pressure

Recently, my library began offering digital library books through Overdrive. Because I have the nook and had already found success in using the dastardly Adobe Digital Editions to buy Harlequin’s ePub format directly from their ebookstore and move the books to my nook, I rejoiced.

They don’t have a huge selection, but I’m sure they’ll add the hot new books as they’re available. The true test for me will come when there’s a waiting list for those hot new … Read More »

Retro Shan: The overuse of TSTL

Today HelenKay Dimon is guestblogging at Genreality on retiring the term TSTL (Too Stupid To Live). While pondering my thoughts on the subject, I realized I’d already shared my thoughts on TSTL here on my blog, so I dug them out to share them again.

(This blog entry was originally posted on January 28, 2005. There was a novella in which the heroine risked her life to save her dog and she was resoundingly trounced as TSTL. This was my Read More »

Attention Walmart shoppers…run! Or not.

I had to run into Walmart this morning because—just before bedtime, naturally—TK told me his fancy graphing calculator thing needed batteries. And, of course, while we have an overabundance of AA, he needed AAA.

So I’ve been shopping at this Walmart a long time. I can tell you precisely how long, as a matter of fact—on July 22nd, it will be fifteen years exactly. Random thing to know, right? But I was suffering the beginnings of labor pains while walking … Read More »

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