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Lost rhythm

My husband was around a lot this past week, which plays hell on my work ethic. Take yesterday for instance:

After taking SK to school, we went out for breakfast. Lingered a little too long over coffee. We came home and I cleaned up the kitchen and he did some paperwork, but then he needed to run to the bank and to Home Depot. I went with him just to get out of the house. After Home Depot, I remembered … Read More »

Bonding over cafeteria oatmeal

This morning was Breakfast with Dad day at SK’s school. They opened the kitchen a little early and students could bring their dads (or any other man important to their lives) and have bagels or oatmeal together before school started.

SK’s dad really did not want to go (though SK doesn’t know that). Not only is elementary school cafeteria oatmeal not high on his list of favorite breakfast foods, but it also meant his work day couldn’t start until 9:00. … Read More »

His drummer’s a little odd

(Don’t forget to check out the contest if you haven’t yet!)

I took this cellphone camera shot of the Short Kid on his way to school yesterday morning:

Backwards hat

How do you make wearing a fake fur-lined, ear-flapped drunken Russian hat even more special? Wear it backwards! When I tell him he looks ridiculous, he lets me know in no uncertain terms he doesn’t care.

He says that, worn backwards, the fur-lined brim tucks under his collar, keeping his neck warmer. … Read More »

Monday’s not playing fair

SK had a fever last night, so he’s home today. My sister’s school had a ski day and she doesn’t ski, so she’s here. My husband decided not to go to work today. So, while TK went to school, I still have a full house. Just swapped a fourteen-year-old boy for a fourteen-year-old girl.

Yesterday we played it low-key and watched a couple of movies.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Indy cheesiness, eye-rolling, entertaining and … Read More »

A Contest!

On February 28th I’m going to give away TWO $25.00 gift certificates to any online bookstore (that offers gift certificates)! Entering is easy!

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