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Stalking the UPS tracking app

My nook is in town. Or so the UPS app tells me. And it’s scheduled for delivery today. But we’ve got 10-18″ of snow forecast to fall and the first flakes are already flying. Since the truck doesn’t get to this area until mid- to late afternoon, I’m dreading the “exception” status due to weather.

I want my new toy!… Read More »

Synopses synapses misfiring

I’ve run into a brick wall. A big one. And it’s not one of those television moments where I hit the brick wall, bounce and climb over the wall. More of a total thud. Groaning. Not moving.

I’m trying to write a synopsis to accompany a proposal and I have no idea how the book ends. The black moment, the resolution—all of it’s a total mystery to me. I’m not even seeing enough of a glimpse so I can … Read More »

Lazy Sunday

This is pretty much what we’re all doing at Casa Stacey today:

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A new cover!

The cover for Exclusively Yours is up on the Carina Press blog. Go see it!Read More »

TK says NYET

With the gym being prepped for Winter Carnival and the Winter Olympics going on, TK’s gym teacher thought it would be a good idea for the class to watch Miracle, the story of the 1980 Olympic US hockey team. When he told me this Monday, I immediately launched into a delirious fervor of patriotic fangirlishness, ending with “…and, ohmigod, isn’t it the best movie ever?”.

And then my son—the child I cherished in my womb and suffered … Read More »

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