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Monday’s not playing fair

SK had a fever last night, so he’s home today. My sister’s school had a ski day and she doesn’t ski, so she’s here. My husband decided not to go to work today. So, while TK went to school, I still have a full house. Just swapped a fourteen-year-old boy for a fourteen-year-old girl.

Yesterday we played it low-key and watched a couple of movies.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Indy cheesiness, eye-rolling, entertaining and I liked it.

I Am Legend: Not, not, not, and I didn’t.

Then the Superbowl. I’d planned to root for the Colts because I didn’t like the way the Saints played against the Vikings and I’m rather tired of “Who dat”, but once the game started I found myself incapable of cheering for Peyton Manning. So I rooted for the Saints and the Saints one.

My favorite commercial: Google. I never would have guessed thirty seconds of search results could make me weepy. I was all awwwwwww. Not surprisingly, the three males in my house didn’t get it.

My least favorite: GoDaddy. They’re just sleazy.

Pardon me while I shout…


8 comments to “Monday’s not playing fair”

  1. Annmarie
      · February 8th, 2010 at 3:25 pm · Link

    I had to watch the Google commercial online because I was too far from the TV to read the search results. I loved it.

    I rooted for the Saints because I like Kim Kardashian and she dates Reggie Bush. What? Seriously, the only pro football I watch is the Super Bowl. I prefer college football. *shouts* WOMEN WATCH FOOTBALL, TOO!

    Sorry the SK is sick. If I were the TK, I would have stayed home since the rest of the Northeast is hanging in your living room. The TK is way more responsible than me.

  2. Shannon
      · February 8th, 2010 at 3:47 pm · Link

    I have to watch TK. If he’s sick he’ll fake being healthy so as not to miss school. He gets anxiety about make-up work and approaching his teachers for help, so he refuses to not go.

    The only time I haven’t had to twist his arms to stay home was when his dad was in the hospital and the day of my dad’s funeral. Otherwise, he’s determined to suck it up and go.

    SK…he lives for playing hooky. :lol:

  3. Shannon
      · February 8th, 2010 at 3:50 pm · Link

    I just moved my domain to GoDaddy, but I can guarantee it wasn’t the advertising!

    And i liked Undercover Boss, too. I kind of wonder how it’ll shake out in the long run, because the bottom line’s the bottom line, but it was very eye-opening.

    I think, though, that when a basic “laborer” shows up with a camera crew, you’ve kinda gotta wonder what’s really going on.

  4. Jean
      · February 8th, 2010 at 3:47 pm · Link

    I’m a GoDaddy customer, but I detest their advertising. In the earlier days of PCs, THE COMPUTER SHOPPER — a magazine you used to purchase solely for the products you could purchase from their advertising until PCs moved closer to the “toaster” world of anybody being able to operate them, and they realized they needed to write some articles — was filled with sleazy cleavage ads. I’d reached the point of deciding not to buy from any advertiser that didn’t get that women were computer geeks, too. Not so much because of that, but I couldn’t find the product for the advertising. Since I rarely watch TV in a place where GoDaddy advertises, except for the SuperBowl, I never see their incredibly bad ads.

    Oddly, I had decided to root for the Saints because they’d defeated my Vikings. Kind of, if they don’t win, the Vikes lost in vain kind of thought process. As the game got under way, I found myself gravitating to the Colts — until they proved they weren’t able to play their way out of a paper bag for whatever reason. I’m happy the Saints have won, but I didn’t really care either way.

    What WAS surprising was the show that came on after the SuperBowl. Undercover Boss. That was incredible. I never would have turned it on if it hadn’t come on after the SuperBowl (and if hubby hadn’t been in San Antonio, because we don’t watch sports in this house if he’s here — except I insist on watching the Spurs. I concede all other sports because I know he doesn’t like them).

  5. Heather Rae Scott
      · February 9th, 2010 at 4:28 am · Link

    Loved the Google commercial, and yeah, the men folk didn’t say awww when all was said and done here either. I really loved the Doritos commercial with the little boy. When he slapped Jamal and got in his face, I was roaring. The men folk loved the Bud Light one when they all used that voice thing. It’s late and I’m tired.

    The GoDaddy ads were lame and noone said, hey, go and check out the rest of it and I totally agree that they’ve got to start thinking a little more about their ads. WOMEN WATCH FOOTBALL TOO! And what was up with all the non-pants?

    Nothing against the Colts, but I rooted for the Saints because they were the underdogs and everyone said they were going to lose. Very glad they won. I hope it helps the economy down there.

    As for Undercover Boss, I missed some of it, but want to see the one next week definitely. The previews were screaming law suit.

  6. Heather Rae Scott
      · February 9th, 2010 at 4:30 am · Link

    PS I hope SK is on the mend.

  7. Patti
      · February 9th, 2010 at 10:07 pm · Link

    My TK’s fav was the same as yours. I was out of the room at the time.

  8. Natalie J. Damschroder
      · February 9th, 2010 at 10:27 pm · Link

    We all loved the Google ad, too, including the guy in the house. I have a mushface husband. :) We were all impressed by what they could convey that way.

    I also loved the date Doritos commercial.

    And I loved the GAME, and the fact that it was lost on Peyton Manning’s arm! I don’t care that it was actually Wayne who screwed up the play. LOL

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