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The "Yeah, but…" method of plotting

On the weekends, we eat out a lot. Dinner Friday night through breakfast on Sunday morning, generally. While it’s nice to think it’s because my husband wants me to have weekends off, it’s actually more like he wants “real” meals that taste good at least a couple of times a week.

Very often, sitting around the restaurant, the Tall Kid and I will commence plotting. It’s always a Devlin Group book because he couldn’t care less about my other books. … Read More »

Dastardly malfunctions

I was almost done drafting my blog post for today when the phone rang and I was trying to answer it and mute the television and did something weird with the mouse, erasing the entire center of it. I didn’t realize it and hit save draft, as I always do before leaving the computer for a minute, thereby cementing my error.

Rather than attempt to recreate it right now, with half my morning already blown, I give you this lame … Read More »

Need a box?

I got caught last night smuggling the Wii box into the basement. Spousal conflict ensued, during which I was informed we’ve been using the Wii for over a week, it works fine and we don’t need to keep the box.

A week? Please.

I save boxes. You know, just in case. The Sony Reader’s box is down there. The box for the Playstation 3 the kids got two Christmases ago. The box to my four-year old laptop. The box for … Read More »

DataViz Documents to Go

One of the most frequently used apps on my iPod Touch is DataViz Documents to Go for iPhone/iPod Touch. Because I occasionally get asked about it on Twitter, where I’m frustrated by the 140 character limit, I thought I’d do a post describing how I use for both writing and editing.

Note: There are two versions of Docs To Go on iTunes. The more expensive one does something called Microsoft Exchange, whatever that is. I have the cheaper of … Read More »

More snow…and more and more

It’s been snowing off and on since Thursday night. We haven’t accumulated much, but it’s enough to keep the roads slick and my dog happy.

Tomorrow: A post on DataViz Docs to Go for the iPhone/iPod Touch and how it can boost productivity.… Read More »

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