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Dear Fellow Walmart Shoppers: A Rant

Let’s talk about Walmart greeters for a minute. The employees who welcome you to Walmart cover all demographic groups, shapes, ages, sizes and genders, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to pretend our Walmart greeter is a man.

When you walk into the store and he says, “Welcome to Walmart”, you should make eye contact, smile and say thank you.

It’s not that freakin’ hard, people.

At least say thank you. If you can’t bring yourself to even … Read More »

One Lovely Blog (or 10 more things about me)

See the shiny Natalie gave to me? It’s very pretty and I’m very thankful she thought of me and my blog. It also means I have to come up with a list of ten things to tell you guys about myself.

I’ve been blogging for five years now, so coming up with ten things you don’t already know about me? Not easy. Especially as I’ve already done lists like these a few times. I’ll try my best, but I warn … Read More »

A book by any other name…

Sometimes (I’d go so far as to say oftentimes, actually) the title on a manuscript when it’s submitted isn’t the same as the title on the cover when it’s published. The process of change is actually quite simple. The editor nonchalantly says “Oh, by the way, you need a new title. Send me a list of possibilities.” The author then nonchalantly says, “Okay, no problem” while secretly doing a rather impressive mental impression of the Home Alone kid screaming in … Read More »

Very random thoughts on Apple & misc

* There’s been some talk on different tech blogs about the possibility, with the release of the Apple tablet, that Apple’s rumored negotiations with various publishers will lead to third party book-related apps being yanked from the app store (and devices), such as Stanza and the Kindle app, so iTunes can handle selling books as they do songs.

If that should occur—and what a freakin’ nightmare that would be—I’ll buy a Kindle. I admit, I’m lazy by nature and totally … Read More »

Snowy days

We’ve reached that time of winter when we consistently get just enough snow to keep things pretty…

…and also enough so you need to bring a snow shovel if you want to go shopping.

Read More »

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