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Book recs needed

If you follow me on Twitter, this will be redundant, but…

HELP: Sis & her friends just glommed Outlander series & need recs for similar. I’m stumped. All I had was John Jakes. Help plz?

One for them, for whatever reason already nixed Sara Donati’s Into the Wilderness series.

Any ideas?… Read More »

Jinx hunting snowflakes

I’ve been working on a post about the women of Criminal Minds, but I didn’t get it done in time to post today. Tomorrow. (Hopefully.)

Which leaves me nothing for today. So here’s a picture I posted yesterday on Twitter of Jinx, hanging out in the window and watching for snowflakes.

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Finally, some white stuff

Snow finally fell on Saturday evening. It wasn’t much—just a dusting—but it was enough to get my family excited. (Well, not TK. He couldn’t care less.)

For a little frou-frou diva doggy, Mini sure does love the snow. There wasn’t enough for her to dive into yet, but she had a blast running around in it.

My husband’s thumb is starting to twitch, warming up for his snowmobile throttle. The gates “officially” open on the 15th, but if there isn’t … Read More »


Tis the season for Christmas stories! I’m a total holiday romance junkie, but I’ve only written one: a 2006 Christmas short story published by Samhain. If you like light and fluffy—and maybe just a little bit silly—holiday stories, this might help you get In the Spirit.

When a holiday-loving ghost tries to rock around the Christmas tree with a Grinchy guest, will they both wind up on the “naughty” list?

Even though Zach Roberts died in an incident involving

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Retro Shan: My ornaments, let me show you some

(We decorated the tree last night and I wanted to share some of my favorite ornaments, but I’m a little busy this weekend. This is a post from the Christmas 2007 season, but it’s all still true, so I’ll start with this and then share a few more ornaments over the coming weeks.)

So, in the spirit of ho-ho-ho-ing, I’m going to share a few favorite ornaments from my tree with y’all. I adore my tree, and every single ornament … Read More »

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