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Clear to unwrap on runway 2

I’m think I’m going to need NASA flight control skills to control Christmas morning this year. And while the kids usually open their stocking stuffers while we have at least a few sips of coffee, I might have to hold them off until I’ve had the entire pot.

Usually they’re free to open the gifts in any order they want, except for the “big” gift, which is usually toward the back. But this year…

They can’t open any of the … Read More »

Introducing…Just Joe

Do you want to know more about Just Joe, the contemporary romance I contracted with Carina Press?

Head on over to Carina’s blog to read more about it! As you might be able to tell from the set-up, this is the secret project I’ve mentioned loving so much. It’s fun…and there’s mud!… Read More »

The teen, the coat and one more gray for Mom

Part 1: Last winter…

We took the boys to Burlington Coat Factory, home of the eleventy-trillion coats, looking for…well, winter coats. The Short Kid’s great. He finds the closest camo pattern, says “This looks like it’ll fit, so let’s go”. The Tall Kid cost us ninety minutes of our lives. Ninety minutes I spent trying to get him to try on one of the hundreds of wool pea coats they had. His reaction to each smacked of so much derision, … Read More »

Through a child's eyes

This is what snow looks like when it doesn’t mean shoveling it and driving in it and paying higher heating bills and worrying about the weight of it on the roof.… Read More »

Happy news!

The fabulous Angela James called me yesterday to offer me a contract from Carina Press! (I totally need to get my smilies fixed so my :boogie: guy will work again.) And Charlene Teglia got the same phone call! Wheeee!

To answer a couple of questions I’ve gotten by email or Twitter DM:

Just Joe is a single title-length contemporary romance. (I’d call it a romantic comedy, but I’m not sure if we’re supposed to use those words anymore. … Read More »

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