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Way of the Cheetah

On her blog this morning, PBW announced that, due to the inability of overseas folks to buy it, she’ll be removing Way of the Cheetah from Scribd tomorrow.

That means today is your last day to get it for $1.00. (If you live in the US, I guess.)

That’s right—$1.00.

What is Way of the Cheetah? It’s more than a writing how-to book. It’s like an intense session with Lynn Viehl during which she shares the philosophies and methods … Read More »

My kitchen essentials

Over on the Whipped Out blog, Angie just posted a new entry highlighting her favorite kitchen essentials. I wouldn’t even know what to do with that Kitchen-Aid thing. And did you know they make liners for crockpots? I didn’t.

So much kitcheny goodness, so why not share MY favorite kitchen essentials?

My saucepan:

My frying pan:

Those are my favorite pans. Those are pretty much my only pans, though I do have a smaller version of the saucepan.

Read More »

Halfway through Christmas break week

This is pretty much all we’ve done this week:

Today the boys and I will be heading over to what we’ve for years called The Far-Away Burger King. It’s the midpoint between our home here in New Hampshire and my sister’s home over toward the coast of Maine, so both of us make a two-hour round trip rather than one of us making a four-hour round trip. SK and his four cousins romp in the play area while us … Read More »

A parenting milestone

The Tall Kid is, right this very moment, at the theater seeing Sherlock Holmes. With a friend of his. And no parent. No adult at all.

He’s in the wild.

I dropped them off and he’ll text me when it’s over so I can pick them up. (Okay, I’ll be honest. I walked them inside but only because at fourteen, I wasn’t sure if they’d get hassled about their ages with regard to the PG-13 rating.) And of all … Read More »

Mother Nature's just messin' with me now

If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. It’ll change.

Planning any kind of a winter roadtrip in New England is ridiculous. Take this coming weekend, when we’ll be heading north for the campground holiday party.

Ideal plan: We head up Thursday night, giving Mr S a headstart on sledding, the guys all plenty of ATVing time, me time to work on my book and the holiday party Saturday afternoon.

Forecast: Extreme cold

Okay, so Mr S will head … Read More »

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