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Double the NCIS, double the fun?

I’ll start with NCIS: Los Angeles: Not a fan. I have a feeling if we continue watching it, it’ll be because it’s on after NCIS and there’s nothing else to watch.

The good: LL Cool J. I love him and I think he doesn’t get enough credit as an actor. He’s also eleventy billion kinds of hot, which doesn’t hurt.

The not-so-good: Everything else. It’s got that glossy, soap opera sheen I associate with CSI: Miami. Zero chemistry in the team. That guy that played Robin in Batman—a litte bit of interest in his angsty backstory, but not enough to make me care about his flatly-acted character. And what’s with having a Bond-ish “M” character?

The biggest problem I have with the show, though, is all their high-tech crap. They don’t have top of the line stuff in Quantico WHY?

On to the real NCIS, which is one of my favorite shows: I loved the episode. I could have lived without the “Welcome new viewers!” personnel recap, even though it was done pretty seamlessly. Oh, I missed Tony…excuse me while I heave a great mooning sigh.


That little glitch there at the end pissed me off. (Only slightly spoilerish, but it might ruin the element of surprise the episode turns around…


You’ve been warned)

In the time it took three battered people to shuffle down a hallway, a certain sniper instantly teleported himself from a mile or so out to the end of said hallway?

I don’t like my emotional, victorious endings diluted by a healthy dollop of WTF.

NCIS fans who watched NCIS: Los Angeles, what did you think of it?

4 comments to “Double the NCIS, double the fun?”

  1. Aja
      · September 24th, 2009 at 5:17 pm · Link

    They made a new NCIS show? :eyebrow: The original is one of my faves too. BTW, what happened to Tony?

  2. Alison Kent
      · September 25th, 2009 at 4:35 pm · Link

    I gave it a DNF. The LA team is a clone of boredom. No one unique, like Abby, or even Palmer, or McGee. They were dull in their trendy geekiness. And as much as I like Linda Hunt, there was no mentor to guide the team. Big fat boring DNF.

  3. Melissa
      · September 26th, 2009 at 3:19 am · Link

    I LIKED it!! :clap: I thought Chris O’Donnell and LL played well off each other, and while I was not impressed by the chick, I loved the little gadget woman (from the Incredibles, no less!) and the geeky techno guy. I missed the “Gibbs” feel of leadership, felt more like LL and Chris were the ‘team’ and the others were along for the ride, but….all in all, I liked it. I think because they didn’t try to be the original NCIS team clones.

    And I haven’t watched the new NCIS~~it’s on DVR for tomorrow, so I’ll have to let you know on that one. But Tony and Abby are my fav’s….so they better not mess w/ Tony!!

  4. Shannon
      · September 28th, 2009 at 9:29 am · Link

    Nothing bad happens to Tony…more or less. I just missed him during the off season!

    I’m almost hoping there’s something good opposite NCIS: LA this week. When we got sucked into CSI: Miami, it took years (and Castle) for us to quit it.

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