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An Echo in the Bone: spoilers in comments

I finished reading Gabaldon’s An Echo in the Bone over the weekend. Because so many people read blogs through readers now, and they don’t always recognize the “more” function, I’m not going to put spoilers below the fold. I’m going to post a few thoughts in the comments instead, because you have to deliberately read those.

If you’ve read it and been stifled by cries of No spoilers, feel free to spoil away!


There are SPOILERS for EchoRead More »

Double the NCIS, double the fun?

I’ll start with NCIS: Los Angeles: Not a fan. I have a feeling if we continue watching it, it’ll be because it’s on after NCIS and there’s nothing else to watch.

The good: LL Cool J. I love him and I think he doesn’t get enough credit as an actor. He’s also eleventy billion kinds of hot, which doesn’t hurt.

The not-so-good: Everything else. It’s got that glossy, soap opera sheen I associate with CSI: Miami. Zero chemistry … Read More »

Ebook price shopping

So Gabaldon’s An Echo in the Bone releases today. Whether or not to buy it has been an agonizing decision for me—do I want to keep reading the series until Jamie’s inevitable death (*sob*) or stop reading now and let them live on forever in my mind? Do I want to avoid spoilers or seek them out?

There’s also the issue of trying to remember who the hell everybody is, which means I usually reread previous books first, but I … Read More »

Retro Shan: An old Thursday Thirteen

(This cold is seriously kicking my ass despite the cold meds, which are also kicking my ass. Rather than radio silence, here’s a blog repeat, originally posted on 7-26-07):

This Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to every writer who’s ever submitted to NY by snail mail and had to make the long, dreaded walk to the mailbox every day for months.

Thirteen things to do while standing at the window, waiting for the mail and dreading the return of the SASE:
Read More »

Random musings

I had a post in mind explaining why it pisses me off when people start tinkering with the fundamental core concepts of the romance genre, but since I’ll be without internet access for the weekend, I’ll save that for next week.

Instead…my random ponderings of the morning, let me show you them.

This morning I was thinking about the seasonal campers at our campground and the weird it’s a small world connections people make. There are twenty of us (I … Read More »

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