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Getting a kid to read

The Smart Bitches have an interesting blog post on how to foster a love of reading and literary analysis. Interesting reading, mostly to do with required reading in high school. A lot of really smart people having a great conversation over there.

Probably not the place for my inane ramblings.

But I get asked a lot (in person) how I get my boys to read so much. They read at home, at school, in the car, at restaurants, in … Read More »

Homeschooling…not for us

“You should homeschool the boys.”

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve heard that over the last few years. And with TK starting high school tomorrow, I’ll admit I gave it a passing thought.

Very passing. As in blowing by a Buick on a blind corner kinda passing.

The top three reasons there won’t be any homeschooling at Casa Stacey:

#3: Surviving high school is a necessary skill. And the social aspect is incredibly important. Yes, … Read More »

Ratings for romances: yay or nay?

Following a link on Twitter this morning, I read a blog post in favor of a rating system for romances. This has come up before, when erotic romance was hitting the shelves and a major agent called for a rating system. The response was overwhelmingly negative, but I’m not surprised it’s come up again. Not only has erotic romance been embraced by NY, but it often seems as though the heat level has been jacked up across the board.… Read More »

I'm running amok today

Field trip!

First stop: Novel Thoughts, where I’m talking about the difference between romantic suspense and action-adventure romance! Stop by and share your thoughts and you could win a download of your choice from my backlist!

Next stop: the Writeminded blog, where I’m talking about research—or more specifically, guns—and Jaci’s giving away a copy of No Surrender! Come visit!

TWO chances to win a book! :boogie:… Read More »

The Dream Shall Never Die

May you rest in peace, Senator Kennedy. Not only were you one of the greatest legislators in the history of our nation, but you were incredibly devoted to your family. I hope it’s that for which you are best remembered.… Read More »

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