Shannon Stacey

Feline-induced brain fog

One of the reasons I love camp during the summer is that my cats aren’t there. Now, I love my kitties. I really, really do, but during the summer they drive me batshit crazy every night. All night.

It’s the ceiling fan.

It’s centered ever so nicely over our bed and we usually keep it on low, just to keep the air moving. The cats, being superior feline beings, assume this is done for their comfort and take exception to my being in the bed, sucking up the ceiling fan goodness. I’m nudged, bumped and nudged some more until my body is twisted and curved around the spots chosen by their Royal Hineys.

They don’t mess with my husband’s side of the bed, of course. He will—and has—play Helicopter Kitty with them if they disturb his sleep, so I’m the sleep-deprived contortionist clinging to the very edge of the bed so Gizmo and Jinx can sprawl under the ceiling fan.

It makes me long for those rest-filled nights with a 48-hour old infant.

Now I have to force my brain to cough up a coherent, compelling scene for the project I’m working on. (After I once again drool for a minute over Gallagher in the sidebar.)

2 comments to “Feline-induced brain fog”

  1. Charlene
      · July 9th, 2009 at 12:37 pm · Link

    Make the cats cough up the scene. :lmao: I’d suggest putting them out of your bedroom, except I know from experience this just means they’ll keep you awake by trying to claw their way in. All. Night. Long.

  2. Shannon
      · July 10th, 2009 at 9:18 am · Link

    Oh my, yes. If I even close the bedroom door to change with them on the other side it sounds like they think China’s in there if they could just dig fast enough.

    My discomfort doesn’t get them in trouble with Dad, but digging at the solid core cherry door? Very much.

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