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Win a copy of 72 HOURS!

It feels like a good day to give away a book, so how about the first book in the Devlin Group series—the book in which we first meet Gallagher, hero of the upcoming No Surrender and owner of the fine mantitty over there in the sidebar.

Leave a comment on this post—anything from “hi” to “enter me” to a weather report (I’m easy that way)—and Sunday evening I’ll let pick the winner of a DIGITAL copy of 72 Read More »

A Slave to Structure

So Tuesday morning I spent several hours at the computer working. Notice how I didn’t say writing? I wasn’t writing, I was obsessing. Obsessing is something I’m fairly good at it, but Tuesday morning was excessive, even for me.

What was I obsessing over? Structure. I had my little chart and was calculating word counts of chapter and scenes, along with where the plot points were falling in regard to the word count and…

I’ve always been a little traditional … Read More »

Some pros and cons of the connected series

In the midst of my flailing for a blog topic yesterday, which can now be done in public thanks to Twitter, Jane suggested the limitations and advantages of writing a connected series book.

As a reader, I’ve grown increasingly conflicted about connected series. I used to love them without reserve but, over the last few years I’ve noticed some favorites A) have zero growth over the arc of the series or B) take the series in a direction I don’t … Read More »

Playing dead

Some days the manuscript is the cat and some days it’s the dog. I’m hoping to be the cat this week, but so far I’m doing more playing dead than anything.

Time to get to work. :type:… Read More »

Gallagher meets The Dame

Run, don’t walk, over the Smart Bitches blog and vote for your favorite entry in The Simon Kernick is Awesome Photoshop Contest! And check out what an awesomely talented Photoshopper did with the cover of No Surrender! I love it, and it cracks me up every time I look at it.

:clap:… Read More »

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