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Letters to the Idols: Movie Week

Movies! Awesome! But let’s pretend none of you saw Titanic, okay?

Dear Quentin Tarantino: I don’t like seeing you on television because I think you’re hot and that disturbs me. You disturb me. You’re very dark. But funny. Is it your dark and funny creative genius that draws me to you? It ain’t the hair.

Dear Allison: (“I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”—Aerosmith—Armageddon) I don’t know if you’re too young for the song. I get that I’m attached to it as a father/daughter song, and it’s also stronger as a man’s song, but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t like the choice, though.

Mr. S says: 7

Dear Anoop: (“Everything I Do, I Do For You—Bryan Adams—Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) Quentin tried like hell, but you don’t have the grit he was looking for. Here’s the thing—Bryan Adams sings Alpha guy songs and you’re so undeniably beta that grit wasn’t there to find. Sorry doll, but I’d like to see you go.

Mr. S says: 6, at highest.

Dear Adam: (“Born to be Wild”—Steppenwolf—Easy Rider) You’re pushing me prematurely into Dirty Old Lady-dom. Cut it out. Honestly, that wasn’t my fave of your performances, but you’re a professional. You make the others look like they’re competing for Best of Karaoke night. Stage presence=amazing.

Mr. S says: 10 (and he’s of the original generation of Steppenwolf fan)

Dear Matt: (“Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman”—Bryan Adams—Don Juan DeMarco) Aww..I starting to get all melty and then…not. You lost me with all the high-pitched squeaky stuff. See my previous comment about Bryan Adams singing gritty love songs for Alphas. Sorry.

Mr. S says: 5.5

Dear Danny: (“Endless Love”—Lionel Ritchie—Endless Love) Snore. It picked up a little toward the end, as usual. I stand by my initial impression of you—you can belt it out with emotion and sincerity, but you can’t just sing.

Mr. S says: 8

Dear Kris: (“Falling Slowly”—???—Once) I’ve never heard of the song or the movie, but I loved your performance. Granted, it may have been the lyrics appealing to the romance author in me, but that’s the first time I’d have voted for you. If I ever voted.

Mr. S says: 6 (He is NOT a romantic at heart)

Dear Lil: (“The Rose”—Bette Midler—The Rose) Gutsy choice. The opening was flat, but once you hit that gospel spin it didn’t suck. Hated the final note. If you’re gonna mix it up gospel-style, own it all the way through.

Mr. S says: 6.5-7, maybe.

My favorite tonight: Kris
Mr. S’s favorite tonight: Adam
Who I think should go home: Anoop
Who Mr. S thinks should go home: Matt

One comment to “Letters to the Idols: Movie Week”

  1. Annmarie
      · April 14th, 2009 at 10:47 pm · Link

    My DH and I vote that Matt should go home. Our second vote to get outta here is Anoop.

    We loved Adam and Allison.

    Did I mention we sometimes share a brain?

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