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Letters to the Idols: Disco Week

Disco week? :gaah:

Dear Lil Rounds: (“I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan) I didn’t like that at all. I thought it was blah and bland and…not good. Just slightly better than average karaoke, and you’re already topping my list of who I want to see go home.

Mr S says: 5.5

Dear Kris Allen: (“She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer) Ooooh…intriguing. Interesting arrangement, and I’m pretty sure I like it. A little odd, but in a good way.

Mr S says: 7.5

Dear Danny Gokey: (“September” by Earth, Wind & Fire) I don’t know why, but I thought it was cheesy. Maybe because you did it disco style and disco is so not my thing. (I don’t think. ABBA’s not considered disco, are they?) You’re a little hammy for me.

Mr S says: 7.5

(Random question from him I can’t answer: Who’s the long-haired blonde guy with the blonde chick they keep showing in the audience?)

Dear Allison Iraheta (“Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer) I thought you couldn’t decide whether you were doing it rock or doing disco, and it was a hot mess. I don’t think it’s time for you to go home, but I didn’t love it.

Mr S says: 7

Dear Adam Lambert: (“If I Can’t Have You” from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack) After last week’s performance I asked Mr S if he thought you could do a ballad. Apparently you can. And, ohmigod, can you. Wicked, dude!

Mr S says: 9.5

Dear Matt Giraud: (“Staying Alive” by) I’m a little biased by the fact you shouldn’t be up there to begin with, but dude, that sucked. You’ve got a wicked sexy bar repetoire, but since you burned through that you’ve been mediocre. Sorry. I think you’re sexy, but you’re not at the same level as some of the others.

Mr S says: 7

Dear Anoop Desai : (“Dim All the Lights” by Donna Summer) Gah! The only version I know is Laura Branigan’s and sorry, but candle, you no holds it. As to what Randy just said, yes, you can sing. Unfortunately, you can’t perform.

Mr S says: 5

My favorite of the night: Adam
Mr S’s favorite of the night: Adam

Two I think should go home: Matt and Anoop
Two Mr S thinks should go home: Lil and Matt

3 comments to “Letters to the Idols: Disco Week”

  1. Jenn
      · April 22nd, 2009 at 8:21 am · Link

    HI Shannon,

    I have to agree with your summary. I really Love Adam and Danny.

    And the blond man and the lady, that was Vince Neil of Motley crue and his wife.

  2. Shannon
      · April 22nd, 2009 at 10:49 am · Link

    Seriously? Wow, does he look different! That’s cool. I’ll have to tell the husband when he gets home.

  3. Annmarie
      · April 22nd, 2009 at 4:25 pm · Link

    I think the two unfortunate ones should stay and lets send the rest home. The chick with the unfortunate hair and the dude with the unfortunate make up.

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