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Maybe my last free Saturday

The husband’s gone snowmobiling, but it’ll probably be the last time this season. The cold/warm/more warm/cold weather pattern has wrecked the trails and there’s a good chance the clubs will be closing gates come Wednesday. The end of next week is forecast to be in the mid-fifties.

I have to confess—I love when he goes sledding. Not that I can’t work while he’s home, but he’s a “do-er”. Hanging out is not his thing, so he’ll come up with something to do. A trip to Borders. Some tinkering on the house, which will inevitably require me to hold a tape measure or find his caulking gun. Stuff like that. Come May 16th, the ATV trails open and we’ll all be running amok on the weekends. Sure, that’s bites into my writing time but it’s okay because I get to ride my four-wheeler. :nod:

But we’re heading into the Dreaded Mud Season, when the snow’s gone but the ground’s too soft and we’d tear it up. Since the trails are primarily on private property, we stay off of them during mud season out of respect for the landowners. But there’s about two months of bored and antsy whaddya wanna do today? in my near future.

I guess I’d better make the most of today! Off to :type:

One comment to “Maybe my last free Saturday”

  1. Annmarie
      · March 15th, 2009 at 5:37 pm · Link

    My DH can’t sit still either. I REALLY wish he had a hobby. (Other than buying cars.) In the summer we spend every weekend at the lake on our jet skis or boat but in the winter… (where’s the smiley for tearing my hair out?) uh… lets use this one instead… :(

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