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My RITA category suggestions

So RWA hatin’ on the hot books has come up again. So far there hasn’t been any shrieking like a wild banshee, so it’s an interesting conversation. (But it’s still early, of course.)

Anyway, here are my suggestions for the single title RITA categories:

Best Contemporary Romance
Best Romance Featuring Smokin’ Hot Sex
Best Romance Featuring Dead Bodies
Best Romance Set Before Microwaves
Best Woo-Woo Romance
Best Romance Featuring Characters Who Talk To God Other Than When Facing Impending … Read More »

Resistance just might be futile

I’ll admit it—I’m an iPod Touch cheerleader. When Apple served up the Kool-Aid, I gulped it down and said, “Can I have some more, please?”

I absolutely love reading ebooks on the iTouch. Backlit, crisp screen, fits perfectly in my hand so I can read and swipe to the turn the pages one-handed. There was absolutely nothing I’d complain about (other than Harlequin not caring to give millions and millions of iPod Touch users a format, but that’s not Apple’s … Read More »

The Neverending Story

(Yeah, you’re welcome for the earworm.)

Every time I think I’m within a few hours of sending No Surrender (aka DG3) to my iPod Touch for a final, reader-brained read through, another plothole sucks me in.

Last night I vented my issues to my husband and the Tall Kid, who then filled two major and three minor plotholes in like twenty minutes. They are made of awesome. (The Short Kid is also made of awesome, but his is a little … Read More »

I even drive a Chevrolet

I think iTunes-esque single downloadable songs are the greatest invention since the disposable sanitary napkin. (Yeah, that’s a good reason not to time travel right there.)

I graduated in 1990, so I did the middle and high school thing in the mid- to late eighties, and I remember sitting with my little boombox, waiting for my favorite song to come on the radio so I could hit the record button on the cassette. Sure it was crappy, with the DJ … Read More »

I'm going to need more red pens

I swear, everytime I fix/tweak/spackle something in DG3 No Surrender, another leak/misalignment/hole pops out at me. Little nitpicky stuff—like them going out without the bulletproof gear Tony used in On the Edge—but fixing it’s a pain in the butt.

It’s also mentally/creatively exhausting, which is why I’ve been pulling a blank on something to blog about for…about an hour and twenty minutes.

My goal is to ship this off to my wonderful, fabulous, beautiful, brilliant, incredible, eloquent editor … Read More »

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