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The Random Compilation

Here’s the complied list y’all came up with, which I now have to figure out how to post on Facebook. Over the next few days I’m going to get my family—especially my sisters—to come up with some random things you don’t know about me. That could be funny or horribly embarassing (and I won’t edit or censor them unless it’s something awful, like the time in 2nd? grade when I was on the teeter-totter and I had to pee and the rotten brat on the other end wouldn’t let me down and I peed my pants and it ran down the teeter-totter and he jumped off and I plummeted to earth. Not that I’m still traumatized by that. At all. Honest.)

1) Shannon has the MOST ADORABLE puppeh EVAH!

2) Shannon has a mad love for Doritos.

3) Shannon has this weird hate for cooked tomatoes.

4) Chicken feet scares the bejeebers out of her.

5) Shannon likes to get dirty…on her ATV.

6) Shannon is a great mommy to her two adorably handsome boys.

7) She wants to write for Silhouette and win a RITA.

8) Shannon is sorry she cut back on DD coffee, screw the health benefits and money saved.

9) Shannon lets Esmeralda run her writing life.

10) Shannon looks forward to mud season.

11) Shan has genre writing ADD

12) Shan cannot read a series out of order without breaking out into hives

13) Shan has a hard time letting go of a book once she’s written it

14) Shan is a picky eater

15) Shannon admits to having an “and den” problem when it comes to her writing.

16) Shannon has a hyper-active gag reflex. (Betcha that one doesn’t get in there) (Ha!)

17) Shan’s one heck of a mean knitter

18)She once threatened to kidnap my daughter so she had someone to go see a “girly” movie. I don’t remember the movie, though…do you, Shan? (No, I don’t. And I probably never did see it, either.)

19) One day she’s gonna write a blockbuster book about historic Russia. And I, personally, can’t wait to read it!

20) Shan says “beyas” instead of bears

21) Shan keeps her children in a box on the living room floor

22) Shan has STILL not written that story about the chick who goes all the way to TX to marry a dead man (No, you never will hear the end of it) (I’m building the anticipation. A LOT of anticipation…)

23) Shannon is a member of the best fandom in America, those of the New England Patriots

24) Shannnon once threatened to mug the Easter Bunny.

25) Shannon has picture perfect cursive handwriting (and a soft spot for newbies on eHar. I know. hehe.)

2 comments to “The Random Compilation”

  1. Annmarie
      · February 15th, 2009 at 1:19 pm · Link

    I’m jealous of the picture perfect cursive writing.

  2. Ann Wesley Hardin
      · February 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am · Link

    So am I, Annmarie. So am I.

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