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Hey, it's Grammy night!

I love awards shows, but I don’t have a lot of success actually watching them because:

The Country Music Awards: The husband snorts, says “Yeah, right” and finds something else to watch.

The Oscars: While I love the opening bits, the enjoyment factor is seriously reduced when you haven’t seen any of the movies.

The Emmys: Not good for my blood pressure because I end up screaming mad everytime a category comes up which mixes network and cable shows. How is a drama confined by a long-ass list of restrictions supposed to compete against a show with none?

But the Grammys? That I can do, and I usually at least have a vague idea of who everybody is. But since country’s my first love, here’s who I’d like to see win (but they won’t because 1—Carrie Underwood wins the popularity vote and 2—George Strait gets the fogey vote. My best chance for a win is the collaboration, I think.):

(Oh, you can find a complete list of all the nominees here)

Best Female Country Vocal Performance: Last Call by Lee Ann Womack

Best Male Country Vocal Performance: You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins

Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals: God Must Be Busy by Brooks & Dunn

Best Country Collaboration With Vocals: Life In A Northern Town by Sugarland, Jake Owen & Little Big Town

Best Country Song (Songwriter’s award): Stay by Jennifer Nettles

Best Country Album: Ummm…I’ll go with Trisha Yearwood, even though she’s a homewrecker. (Because the song “This is Me You’re Talking To” is the theme song for the contemporary romance I’m working on.)

2 comments to “Hey, it's Grammy night!”

  1. Shannon
      · February 8th, 2009 at 8:57 pm · Link

    I’m one of the people who believes there was some pre-divorce hanky-panky going on and I have no use for a woman who sleeps with another woman’s husband, whatever other issues exist. Listening to them sing “In Another’s Eyes” literally turns my stomach.

    I do, however, still enjoy their other—separate—music. And I LOVE “How Do I?” and totally agree with you on the Leanne Rimes version. (Although…wasn’t it Leanne’s song and when it came to use it for “Con Air” they asked Trisha to do it because Leanne sounded too young? I don’t remember.)

    “Last Call” is a sad, beautiful song, and she has such a gorgeous, quiet voice.

  2. Michelle (MG)
      · February 8th, 2009 at 8:16 pm · Link

    You really think Trisha is a homewrecker? Really? You don’t think that whole thing had other issues? I’m just curious, but then I love Trisha. My wedding song was “How do I” (always hated Leanne Rymes (sp?) version). I was thrilled when her and Garth got together for real. LOL. Shows what I know though, since I don’t really follow drama. :ignore:

    And, pretty much, I LOVE all the songs you mentioned (the only exception being Last Call since I’m not sure I’ve even heard it, often we get songs after you guys do). I especially love “You’re Gonna Miss This”. Have from the first time I heard it. Makes me try to appreciate my kids moments more. :hug:

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