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This made me LOL today

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Bringing more awwww

(Note to visitors who aren’t pet-inclined: I’ve done two things this week—shovel snow and do X-treme math, AKA tax prep—so even if I forced myself to come up with actual blog content, it would suck. You might as well get the dog instead. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.)

So what does a little frou-frou princess do when Mommy gets cold and puts an end to her outdoor whirling dervish-slash-Yeti impressions? She finds her Daddy and takes a nap.

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A Mini Yeti

Heading into our first winter with the wee little frou-frou puppy, I was concerned the little princess would suffer horribly in the snow. At the first sign of snowflakes, I was out there with the shovel, making sure “her” yard was perfect. I got her winter gear to keep her delicate self warm and cozy.

These were taken early in yesterday’s snowstorm, but it doesn’t matter. If there’s a pile of snow, she wants in it. And she doesn’t want … Read More »

Rerun: How to plot a Romantic Suspense

I originally posted this in January of ’07, but I happen to have a friend putting together a romantic suspense proposal so I thought I’d post it again. Anything to help out a friend!

How To Plot A Romantic Suspense in 10 Steps:

1. Watch a kick-ass car chase on TV and think “Wouldn’t it have been cool if they…” and then write that scene.

2. Write a wicked hot adrenaline-sex scene.

3. Stumble across a gunmaker’s site which offers … Read More »

Oh hai, here I am!

I forgot to blog today. Huh. Do I have a good excuse?

I’m wearing my math hat today. I hate wearing my math hat because it doesn’t fit me well, squeezes my head and makes my scalp itch.

Alas, somebody has to get the company ready for taxes and that would be me. Why it’s not the 13-year-old straight-A even in Algebra child, I have no idea. Well, I guess it’s probably best not to put your company’s finances in … Read More »

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