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Happy Thanksgiving

Yeah, I know it’s almost noon and everybody’s already snuck in their bloghopping for the day, but I’m a little emotional today and kept shying away from the computer lest I sob all over y’all.

The list of things I have to be thankful for would surpass even the most hardy bandwidth, but I am give the most profound thanks for the fact my husband will be sitting down to dinner with us. There were so many small and random … Read More »

Insanity…I has extra (and a PSA)

It’s only 8:30 and I’ve already been knee-deep in techno problems. The TV and PS3 are flipping me the “not supported mode” finger. After cycling through so many menus and settings I’ve probably screwed the TV for regular TV watching, no dice. I’m thinking (almost hoping, as much as they cost) that the HDMI cable blew.

2 boys + school vacation + no PS3 = :gaah:

And in a mere several hours we shall embark to Smitty’s Cinema Pub for … Read More »

One week from today

Read More »

Today I'm at…

Romancing the Blog, talking about small gifts and stocking stuffers. Come on over and share your inexpensive reader and writer gift ideas we can give to our significant others, children, friends and other family!… Read More »

Heading into the weekend

Two projects going on—

1) I’m working on a short story y’all will find out about in the near future, and I’ll be wrapping that up hopefully today so I can edit it, proof it and ship it by the end of the weekend. It’s coming in at 4k, I think, and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. Getting a full romance story into 4000 words isn’t easy—even if they start out knowing each other, which you almost have to do—and … Read More »

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