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The blog post that isn't

So I had this blog post all planned out for today. Mel and I both write by hand a lot, and at some point we were talking about that. (It was a long time ago. She’s probably at work scratching her head. “We did?”) But I mentioned how I could pick out the flat scenes by the handwriting.

My intention was to scan one of the handwritten pages from a completed book—probably Kiss Me Deadly because I wrote that book … Read More »

A German cover

Ann just sent Jaci and me the link to the German version of Going the Distance (which has Twice Upon A Roadtrip in it). (Although they’re calling it Lara, Jill & Lea for some reason. Maybe they don’t like roadtrips there. It would certainly explain the hideous lack of cupholders in their cars.)

It’s…ummm….very artistic. And possibly NSFW if nipples are frowned upon in your workplace.… Read More »

Writer, how dare you?

Dear Television Writers,

Sometimes conversations flare up around the ‘net regarding whether readers have a sense of entitlement regarding a favorite series, and what the author owes the reader. I generally keep my mouth shut. One, those conversations by their very nature pit authors against readers. Misconstruing of comments invariably ensues. And, two, as with many conversations, I don’t sit firmly on either side of the fence. I’m an author, but I’m a reader, too. Those two aspects of myself … Read More »

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