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Happy Halloween!

The horror factor here at Casa Stacey has been high for about three days, and I think the time has come to share it with y’all.

In gym class the Tall Kid is suffering through a dance unit. In addition to ever-so-groovy moves such as the electric slide and walking like an Egyptian, they’re learinng…

The PeeWee Herman dance :hide:

Talk about a Halloween-worthy earworm! My husband and I have had the PeeWee Herman song stuck in our heads for … Read More »

A letter from the Short Kid

Dear Ms. Dimon,

This afternoon I heard Mom make a squealing noise and knew we were in trouble. I used to think she was being kidnapped when she made that sound, but now I know it just means she got a book she really wanted. (Someday she’s really going to get kidnapped and we’ll just think she’s reading a book somewhere until we all run out of clean underwear.)

You might be wondering why I’m hiding under the dining

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The husband's home today

The Good: He took me out for a yummy breakfast.

The Bad: We’re plowing through a seriously neglected Honey-Do list.

The Ugly: I can’t sit my butt in front of the computer. Must look productive, dammit.… Read More »

Do abs sell books?

(It occurs to me y’all might wonder if that’s a typo and I’m going to ponder whether advertisements sell books, but no, I’m talking abs. Naked and totally ripped male stomachs.)

Mrs. Giggles put up an interesting blog post that y’all should go read in its entirety. Very interesting stuff. But I especially like this one:

6. Readers love covers with naked men. Okay, so online readers are too intellectual for that, but let’s face it, those covers sell. Authors

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Random letters

Dear Muse—I gave you the day off yesterday, letting you tinker with the pirate story (which consisted of reading it, remembering how much you loved it, tweaking word choices and typos). It was fun, but now I expect you to hit DG3 hard again. Today would be nice.

Dear residents of my neighborhood—Yes, the child at the end of the driveway at 7:20 this morning, doing the cabbage patch in the furry earflap hat is mine. I don’t … Read More »

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