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Adam takes center stage

Hey! Becoming Miss Becky releases a week from Tuesday! Since I’m still in Nurse Ratched mode (his follow-up appt is Tuesday and we’re both desperately hoping he’s cleared to return to work), I thought it might be fun to post the scene in which Sheriff Adam Caldwell—the hero of BMB—is first introduced.

From Taming Eliza Jane (Book1 and happily available now!):

Will walked out of the Chicken Coop with an aching heart and a gut churning with frustration. The last … Read More »

A very brief observation

Voting for a candidate just because she’s a woman is just as wrong as not voting for a candidate just because she’s a woman.

That’s all.… Read More »

Dear Hubby, I've been faking…

Yes, for sixteen years I’ve totally been faking my way through it, but this crisis has made me realize I’m not going to be able to hide it anymore.

I can’t cook.

I don’t know if you’ve suspected. I can, of course, throw meals together thanks to prepackaging and directions on the labels, but healthy, well-rounded, yummy dinners? Not so much.

Love, your wife, (who’s hoping you won’t think about my inability to cook at the same time you’re thinking … Read More »

I can breathe now

The husband came through surgery just fine, with no neurological deficits! When I left he was 99.99% clear of the risk of complications, so he should be coming home tomorrow!

Today was also the first anniversary of my father’s passing, so I’m sure you can all imagine how emotionally intense the day was. (Yes, life-threating-but-saving surgery for my husband on the date my dad died. What higher power did I tick off?) I’m SO glad it’s over and I’m curled … Read More »

Only my family

Setting: ICU waiting room because it’s more living-room-esque than a curtained-in half of a telemetry room.

Husband to children: Just so you know, they have to move my vocal chords a little to do this, so there’s a small chance I might sound like The Godfather when I wake up.

Tall Kid: Why would that give you an Italian accent?

We laughed so hard I’m surprised his monitor didn’t sound the alarm.… Read More »

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