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Diagonal in the middle of the bed

So the husband escaped his medical crisis with his health more or less intact again, but it just might cost him his bed.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping alone. His snoring’s not only white noise, but it’s kind of a mental woobie—if he’s snoring, all must be well with our world. For the first twelve or thirteen years of our marriage, I think I slept alone for maybe seven or eight days total—including childbirth. When he got back into snowmobiling … Read More »

The Remodel Keeper Giveaway – Catherine Mann

As I may have told you, we will be gutting the left side of the downstairs very, very soon, which includes the model train room and my den/our office. While we’ve boxed up and shifted around before, this time we’ll be redoing walls and windows, and I will be losing space and bookshelves. As hard as it is, I have to let go of some of my books. Because they’re books I love and want them to go to a … Read More »

Speaking of Kryptonite

Loosely related to the previous post, but far less depressing:

As many of you know, when not having health crises, we usually go up north every other weekend, where we have a camper parked in a campground, right on the trail system and full of fellow ATVers. (Behold the copious commas. Damn.) One of the first things we do when we arrive is hang out our sign.


It amuses the hell out of my family, and … Read More »

Kryptonite lurking

In a few hours the husband will have his follow-up appointment where he’ll hopefully get the okay to return to work. The terror of the unknown, then the gut-wrenching fear of knowing his greatest chance of death or permanent disability came during the surgery he had to have, then the relief and the recovery—they’ve all begun to fade, letting life slide back into normal. Or not. Will life be normal again? Is there a new normal?

Remember the first time … Read More »

Another Adam scene

One of my favorite Adam scenes from Taming Eliza Jane:

“You people interrupted the pie judging,” Adam informed them, and since he didn’t sound too happy about it, Will assumed he hadn’t actually taken a bite of Eliza Jane’s pie yet. “Now, what we have here is a town social. Not the town brawl or the town brouhaha. So you all go on and be social now, dammit.”

“Sadie’s got a right to display her wares,” Dan O’Brien said, … Read More »

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