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Boy and dog

Wicked busy this morning, so here’s a picture of the short kid and his best buddy.

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National Treasure 2—with spoilers

WARNING: Here there be spoilers. And not vague ones, either, but pretty specific. So if you haven’t seen National Treasure 2, consider yourself warned!

Spoilers after the jump (and they’ll probably end up in comments, too)… Read More »

An overabundance of books

No such thing, right? Unfortunately, that’s what I have.

I’m going to have to get rid of books. A LOT of books. :(

We’ve packed up my den/office/library/the-room-where-I-hang-coats-on-the-threadmill before for minor revampings and moving around and such. But we’re about to embark on a major strip and rebuild walls/change windows/actually throw in some insulation type remodeling.

The computer equipment and filing cabinets will probably be relocated into the dining room, as the company can’t close for remodeling. I’ll have tons of … Read More »

When a good plan tanks…or reason #2349 to love ebooks

The Objective: Run into Walmart, grab kitty litter mat and a copy of Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins because her books are more awesome than chocolate with a Dorito chaser, then run into Market Basket and grab mozzarella cheese and milk.


Grab kitty litter mat, still no copy of JOotG. Dammit.

Get outside to find it’s not just raining, it’s deluging. (Yeah, just making up my own words again.) Stand there looking stupid for a few … Read More »

LB&LI Workshop: When Only the Right Word Will Do—Part 4

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So why is this important? Do you really have the time and energy to analyze words when you’ve got plot points to map and character arcs to arc? You’ve got those pesky pronoun errors changing your hero into a heroine in the middle of a love scene and you dropped a subplot halfway through the second act. So what if your
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