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Browsing the calendar

Over there in my sidebar, I’ve got that nifty little countdown calendar that sometimes gently reminds me of upcoming dates and sometimes breathes down my neck.

9 days until school starts.

19 days until I turn 36. Blech.

36 days until Becoming Miss Becky releases! :cowboy:

129 days until Christmas.

Attention Walmart Shoppers….a mere 128 shopping days remain…

Anyway. I think when I originally opened this screen, there was a point to this, but I seem to have lost it. … Read More »

Gone to play

Have a good weekend, y’all, and see ya Monday!

Read More »

RTB day and naivete

(Hey, that rhymes)

Hope over to Romancing the Blog to read “I Dream of RITA”.

Perhaps it’s ridiculously naive of me to believe a post celebrating RWA’s RITA awards won’t degenerate into comments like “OMG, the RITAs are stupid and obsolete and irrelevant and run by old-fashioned blue-haired prudes because my M/M/M/M/F/M/M/M/Goat romance set in a futuristic penile colony didn’t final”, but I’m hoping it won’t because my telling any of RTB’s visitors to piss off would be … Read More »

Try not to notice the lack of content

I’m saving it for tomorrow’s RTB column.

In lieu of anything deep and profound (which you didn’t really expect to find here anyway, did you?) I offer some tidbits of recent conversation at Casa Stacey:

Me: Get out of my mouth! (I said this at least three times during the wee hours of last night. I changed mouthwash brands and both of my kitties are fascinated by the new citrus tingle.)


Hubby: Where is that quacking sound coming from?… Read More »

Olympic rant and babbling

Why, oh why, did it run over until 12:freaking:30 this morning? In my exhaustion I can only guess it takes the gymnastics judges that long to count on their fingers.

My heart breaks for Alicia. Really it does, but they really tripped over something that’s been bothering me since the opening of the Games. They walked in broken and battered, with girls sitting on the sidelines, hoping and praying they could eek out a Bronze. But once Gold flittered into … Read More »

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