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What I did this weekend

I :heart: mud runs!

Not exactly a black-tie affair.

The husband making laundry.

One of the favorite photos I took—a red RZR launching into the pit.

(14 more mud run photos here, including the one of the guy who rode his through sitting backward on his wheeler.)… Read More »

I don't want summer vacation to end


Well, number one, I enjoy having my kids home. They’re both fairly independent and they get along about 70% of the time. For another 20% the tall kid will get annoyed, don his iPod earbuds and disappear into his room. The other 10% requires maternal intervention, which is usually pretty effective. I just like their company.

But also, their going to school really disrupts my day and I get less time to write. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?… Read More »

Lamest blog post ever

But the polka-dotted tan lines on my foot from wearing Crocs all summer have been amusing me, so I figured I’d share.

Real blog entry hopefully forthcoming.… Read More »

Does it involve duct tape?

I’m girding my loins to do something brave. No, I don’t know what exactly that means, either. Sounds painful. But it’s time to suck it up and stick my neck out. Like Marie Antoinette, only awaiting the rejection rather than the guillotine.

As a side note, can you imagine lying (or laying) stretched out, under the guillotine, for three to six months, waiting for the blade to drop?

Or spreading a wax strip along your eyebrow and waiting three to … Read More »

Nobody wants to be meh

Dear Author has a post up today called What is Wrong With the C Review? and in lieu of any other blog content, here was my contribution:

I see a C as the low side of meh, and no author shoots for that. There are way too many books in the marketplace for a C to be good enough.

As for surprising author reactions to a C review, I have a (possibly totally whacked) theory:

If a book receives an

Read More »
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